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Making The Hard Part a Little Easier!

Where Can I Contact Bloggers and Playlist Curators?

The paths through this forest constantly evolve, so most breaking news is already outdated. Below is a list of links without much explanation, because we don’t want to misrepresent anyone’s service, and it’s best to just educate yourself right from the horse’s mouth. We have singled out some personal favorites (based on our own experience…

When Do Submission Fees Make Sense?

Let’s start by recognizing that many successful playlist curators are also musicians. The first time a curator saw one of their playlists catch on, they probably felt thrilled about successfully sharing their passion for great music, and happy to consider new submissions. But once those submissions started piling up, they probably ran into a conflict…

What’s Being Offered By Independent Music Promoters?

Lots of artists want their music added to playlists just for the sake of getting more Plays. Here we offer a broader picture of how independent promotion can help your career. Carpooling Some PR superpowers (e.g. Rolling Stone) have such a big following that merely getting mentioned by them can significantly help a struggling artist.…

Why Has My Great Music Gotten Rejected?

Following detailed from industry experts can dramatically increase your chances for success! How to Tailor Singles for Streaming Fades created during your album’s Mastering phase don’t necessarily transfer when you extract individual tracks for submission to streaming services. Listen to each track before submitting. If any fades have been lost (music comes in abruptly and…

How Can I Improve My Sales Pitch?

Regardless of whether your submissions get Accepted or Rejected, each contact you make with a curator or blogger moves you one step toward, or away, from their inner circle. Submission Dos and Don’ts DO know your genre, and wear it on your sleeve. If your music is Country, don’t call it Americana just to sound…


Who Made This Blog?

Red Alert Music has experience performing, recording, producing, editing, selling, and promoting music from many small-niche genres. We are a small fish, educated in the School of Hard Knocks, and always striving to expand our knowledge.

This blog might get updated as our perceptions, and the music industry itself, change over time. We might also blog about interesting trends in the submissions we are receiving.

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